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If you’re feeling a chic mani, beautiful eyelashes, silky smooth or just a lavish hair style, The Treat is here for you.

We pride ourselves on our badass skills, friendly chat, fab customer service and catchy playlists.​

Our salons are right where they need to be, next to you! and we’re dedicated to all things beauty. We love advising our clients about the latest in beauty trends. Never been to a salon before or had a bad experience? We love a first-timer and we make sure you leave with a healthy heart. All are welcome, let our experienced beauty technicians help you get your BEAUTY on.

So come hang out with us, get creative and start loving your-self. We’ve got a feeling we’re gonna be best friends.


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  • Dany & Ali
    Dany & Ali Owners


for your inner Dany

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