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Pedicure & Manicure

Basic Nails
Stiletto / wedge / lipstick shapes R20.00
Replace one nail R20.00
Basic manicure R70.00
Basic pedicure R90.00
Gelish Nails
Gelish overlay R100.00
Gelish manicure R170.00
Gelish pedicure R190.00
Acrylic Nails
Clear acrylic tips / overlay R160.00
French acrylic tips / overlay R180.00
Color acrylic tips / overlay R190.00
Soak off acrylic R40.00
Acrylic and gelish on top R240.00
Acrylic ombre R250.00
Acrylic fill R110.00
Nail Specials
Tuesday special French tips R130.00
Thursday special clear tips R120.00

Eyelash Extensions

Cluster eyelash extensions R150.00
Individual eyelash extensions R400.00

Body Waxing

Eyebrows R40.00
Underarms R70.00
Arms (Half) R100.00
Arms (Full) R150.00
Legs (Half) R120.00
Legs (Full) R170.00
Stomach & Chest R200.00
Back R200.00
Full Body Wax R600.00
Eyebrows R35.00
Upper Lip R25.00
Full Face R80.00
Under Arm R50.00
Arms (Half) R50.00
Arms (Full) R70.00
Legs (Half) R80.00
Legs (Full) R120.00
Bikini Line R50.00
Brazilian R100.00
Hollywood R150.00
Stomach R50.00
Chin R30.00
120ml Sugar Wax R150.00
450ml Sugar Wax R300.00
Full Body Wax R400.00

Hair & Styling

Hair & Styling
Wash Blow Iron R150.00
Wash Trim R250.00
Wash Treatment Set R250.00
Roots & Blow Dry R250.00
Full Head & Blow Dry R350.00
Half Head Highlights & Blowdry R300.00
Full Head Highlights & Blow Dry R450.00
Upstyles (depending on styles) from R250.00
Own Dye & Blow Dry R200.00
One Application of Own Dye R100.00
Waving R300.00
Box Braids from R700.00
Cornrows from R250.00
Dark n Lovely Relaxer R150.00
Treatment R150.00
Dry Perm R150.00
Wash, Blow & Iron R150.00
Wash R50.00
Undo Braids R100.00
Undo Cornrows R50.00

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